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Creating your wedding books

Today's digital books give us the option of creating truly unique and personalized books for couples, which they can treasure forever.

I offer my clients the option of selecting the photos for the book themselves in a fast and simple procedure done on-line with a private gallery on my website. Once the photos have been selected, a simple click of the mouse will update me that the selection process has been finalized and I will immediately start working on the design of the book.

In addition to this, each couple can choose their book type and color, making it their own.

The crucial part is selecting photos for the wedding book. A few points to consider:

  • A standard digital book has 30 double pages (60 pages in all). Technically, you can put all the wedding pictures in the book, however, the design would not be very good. The guiding principle is "less is more". If you put less pictures in the book, it will have a cleaner, more elegant look. The book will look better with several pages that have one big, special photo on them as opposed to pages with many smaller photos. I recommend choosing no more than 180 photos for an book of 30 pages. This means an average of 3 photos per page. For each page with one image, we get another page with 5. Of course, the numbers are only a statistical matter - there are many various design options and page arrangements which I can play with, to create the perfect design for each couple.

  • Choosing 180 photos out of a thousand wedding photos (sometimes more) can be a difficult task. In addition to the photos of the bride and groom, there are family members and friends, beautiful and emotional moments, small details and atmosphere photos of the event and location (the ones which decorate the book) and much more. A difficult choice. Don't forget, you will receive ALL photos on a disc, so choose wisely what you would like to see in your wedding book.

  • Your wedding book is a work of art, designed to capture your wedding day, the special moments and memories. I recommend choosing photos which bring to life the mood of the day, the atmosphere and the excitement. Candid photos are a great start, photos showing emotions [tears can be a good thing :) ] and even photos of the food and decor.

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