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Digital wedding books

The wedding book is the most important and most tangible memento of your wedding.

Today, in the era of digital photography, and for several years now, the wedding book have been greatly developed. In the past, wedding books were traditional pocket albums. The photographer would develop the photos and place them in chronological order within the album. There was no way to create a unique design and it made no difference if the photos were vertical or horizontal.

Modern technology has introduced digital albums/books, which allow the photographer to create a unique design for each couple. In addition to the high quality of printing and binding which have also developed over the years, we are also being offered great flexibility in design options and picture selection – both the wedding photographer and the couple.

Digital albums/books, contrary to popular belief, (at least until we get used to it...) are not really digital. The only digital thing here is that the photos and the book's pages are being edited in a computer. The book pages are printed on hi quality photo paper (like the pictures that, until recently, we would send to the lab to be printed), glued and bound together in a professional photo lab. The result is an elegant, beautiful and durable wedding book of good quality.

The fact that the photos in the book are not glued one by one, as was done in the past, but are printed as one piece on the book's pages and bound together, is an important part of the book's resilience capacity. The book remains in good condition for many years and fulfills that for which it is intended - a beautiful memory to be preserved for future generations.

Another advantage for digitali designed books is that you can print numerous copies of the same book, in various sizes. All copies are printed in the same quality and accuracy of the original book.

The best part is that the cost of the copies is slightly cheaper than the cost of the first book as there is no need for additional color calibrations for the development in the lab, the initial calibrations are used.

Today's couples can choose the photos themselves and take part in the creation of their book.

There are different book types, materials and colors helping create a momentum that is unique and special.

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