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Wedding Photography as I see it

My shooting style as a wedding photographer is unique. I love working quietly as a bystander. I take pictures spontaneously, try to capture the exciting moments, the smiles and laughter, the looks, the loving embrace of a mother, the father's blessing, the tear trickling down the cheek and the twinkle of joy in the eye.

These are definitely the moments you will want to remember years later, when reminiscing with your wedding album.

While photographing the happy couple together, I take advantage of my technical knowledge and experience, acquired as a fashion and portrait photographer. I try to intervene as little as possible and allow the couple to be themselves - a bride and groom, a couple in love. Theres nothing much to be changed in that scene. After much anticipation for this moment, it is beautiful as it is.

In my opinion, nothing should be 'like we dreamed it would be". On the contrary. The memory of this moment is the best dream to dream tomorrow.

Years from now, looking through pictures of old friends and family members, exciting and beautiful moments will come to life.

In addition to the highest level in quality of photography, I offer a variety of options for photography of your wedding, including additional still photographers for documenting the event from a different point of view, the option of a day of photographing the couple in advance, before the wedding, or "trash the dress" photos after the wedding day, a variety of high quality albums, a box of printed images "like in the olden days" and video documentation of the wedding of the highest quality (DSLR / 35mm video available).

I am also available for destination weddings.

You are welcome to contact me and together we can turn your happy event into a sweet documented memory!

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