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Vertigo - The loss of sense of direction in space.
The feeling of dizziness that makes a person feel as if either He or his surronding is in constant movement.


While going down to the studio of the Vertigo Dance Company through the spiral stairs, one gets that feeling. Like magic stairs leading to enother world.
I wonder, each and every time I go down these stairs, if someone, in his creative way, designed these stairs to remind me of that feeling of constant movement.


Curious to know what happens beyond the stage, I accompanied the Vertigo Dance Company for 8 months of activity. A bystander.

Visiting the studio as often as I could, trying to make it to every performance. Slowly connecting, to that new world of visual experience, revealing itself to me. Growing addicted to the rhythm, movement, and the unique dance language created by Vertigo.


26 of the photos taken, were shown on my first exhibition (20.12.06-20.1.07), presented in the Jerusalem Theatre for the Performing arts.

I chose to present pictures taken during rehearsals, runs, warm-ups, morning lessons, and performances.
Different, intimate moments, in a life of a dance company.


Click to read a review of the exhibition on ARTISPO (Hebrew)

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