The fact that the photos in the book are not glued one by one, as was done in the past, but are printed as one piece on the book's pages and bound together, is an important part of the book's resilience capacity. The book remains in good condition for many years and fulfills that for which it is intended - a beautiful memory to be preserved for future generations.


Another advantage for digitally designed books is that you can print numerous copies of the same book, in various sizes. All copies are printed in the same quality and accuracy of the original book. The best part is that the cost of the copies is slightly cheaper than the cost of the first book as there is no need for additional color calibrations for the development in the lab, the initial calibrations are used. 

Today's technology give us the option of creating truly unique and personalized books for couples, which they can treasure forever. 


I offer my clients the option of selecting the photos themselves and take part in the creation of their wedding book, in a fast and simple procedure done on-line with a private gallery on my website. Once the photos have been selected, a simple click of the mouse will update me that the selection process has been finalized and I will start working on the design of the book.



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