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Companies and organizations invest a lot of money in producing and organizing events in order to promote, improve and sharpen the business image. Usually such events are planned well in advance and a lot of thought and creativity is invested in them, while paying attention to the small details.

When it comes to conferences, ceremonies or seminars, promotional and launch events, workshops, boutique events and cocktail evenings, or company formation days and trips, for the company or organization, it is very important to be able to leverage such an event even after it is over and actually utilize the money and efforts. The many invested for the purpose of promoting the business even after the event is over.

Hi quality photography of a business event does not only refer to the technical quality or artistic quality of the photography, but refers to the photographer's ability to understand the essence of the event and the company's goals in its existence.


Professional photography of a business event will then be used for public relations purposes, distributing the photos to the press, updating the company's website, producing presentations or promotional videos for the company and much more. Of course the images are not always intended for use immediately after the event, and are sometimes stored in the company archives for future uses.

In my work, I place special emphasis on professional and courteous service, proper appearance, maintaining high standards, and coordinating views with the client in advance.

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