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Printed Classic Wedding Book with Artificial Leather Binding

A standard Wedding Book has 30 double pages (60 pages). Technically you can compress all the wedding photos in the book. Design-wise it will look very bad.

The guideline is that the fewer photos we put in the book, the cleaner and more elegant it will be. The book will look better if it has multiple pages that display only one large and special image, or fewer images per page.

I recommend choosing no more than 150 photos for a 30 page book. On average it comes out about 5 images per page. For each page that has only one image, we get another page with 9 images.
Of course the design options is very flexible and the numbers represent only statistical interest.

Choosing 150 photos from about a thousand wedding photos (and sometimes there are many more) is not an easy task. There are important people, family, friends, beautiful and exciting moments, small details and atmospheric photos (they are the ones that decorate the book), important moments like the kiddush in the ring, breaking the glass, etc., to all of these we will of course add the couple photos.

​Selecting is not easy.

Do not forget, you will get all the photos anyway, so choose wisely only the beautiful photos you will want to see on your wedding book in a few years.

Your Wedding Book is a work of art designed to present your wedding, the beautiful moments and special memories, evoke in you and the viewers the exciting feeling, and bring you back again into the wedding day.

I recommend choosing images that catch your eye at first glance. Those that convey the atmosphere and excitement. Pictures of natural and unstaged people are a great start. Pictures that show excitement is great (tears of happiness is a beautiful thing!). Even pictures of the food and decor will always bring the viewer back into your wedding venue.

I'm here if you have any question, Good luck!

Printed Wedding Book with Leather Binding

The wedding book is the most important and most tangible souvenir from your wedding.​

Once upon a time, traditional books were pocket albums. The photographer would print the photos and arrange them in the album in chronological order, and it was not possible to create a unique design.

When we got a little more sophisticated, photographers began to hand over Designed Albums - the photos were printed and pasted on the smooth album pages in a special and artistic way.


Modern technology has introduced us to the 'digital album', what we call today 'The Wedding Book', that allow the photographer and designer to create a unique design for each couple by designing the pages digitally in the computer. In addition to the high qualities of printing and binding that have been perfected over the years, we are also offered great flexibility in the design options and selection of photos - for the wedding photographer and also for the client.

The book pages are printed in a chemical process (like the photos that we send for printing in a lab) on a hi-quality photo paper, glued and bound together, in a professional photo lab. The result is an elegant, beautiful, durable and very high quality Wedding Book.

The fact that the photos in the book are not glued one by one, as was done in the past, but are printed as one piece on the book's pages and bound together, is an important part of the book's resilience capacity. The book remains in an excellent condition for many years and fulfills that for which it is intended - a beautiful memory to be preserved for future generations.


Another advantage for digitally designed books is that you can print numerous copies of the same book, in various sizes. All copies are printed in the same quality and accuracy of the original book. The best part is that the cost of the copies is slightly cheaper than the cost of the first book as there is no need for additional color calibrations for the development in the lab, the initial calibrations are used. 

Today's technology give us the option of creating truly unique and personalized books for couples, which they can treasure forever. 


I offer you my clients the option of selecting the photos yourselves and take part in the creation of your wedding book, in a fast and simple procedure done online in a private gallery on my website. Once the photos have been selected, a simple click of the mouse will update me that the selection process has been finalized and I will start working on the design of your wedding book.


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Send me a Message or call me @Whatsapp
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